Front and inside of diy Valentines that light up

DIY Valentines That Light Up in 7 Easy Steps!

Did you know that you can make DIY Valentines light up with a simple LED circuit? 

Light up DIY Valentines are fun and easy to make. They’re also a super STEM (and STEAM) activity for kids (and adults!) to learn about electricity..

And, if you want your Valentine to stand out among all the Hallmark and Dollar Store cards that pile up every February, there’s no better way to shine than with a Valentine that blinks. (Did you catch that pun there? ‘Tis the season…)

This project and all Geek Pack Hack activities must be undertaken with a suitable adult completing their own risk assessment and supervising their children at all times.

There are some small parts that need to be positioned correctly and may require the assistance of an adult. 

Small parts should, of course, be used with GREAT CAUTION around the littlest kids.

With just a bit of guidance, though, elementary school kids will likely be able to do this project pretty independently. 

Before getting started, if you want a crash course in electricity basics, check out our post on electrical current, resistance, and voltage.

We’ll list the parts we used, provide the printables, and then give you step-by-step instructions for how to make these diy valentines.

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Everything is explained below as well (but you have to watch or download the printables to see the corny puns on the Valentines…)

Supples for DIY Valentines

Top of Valentine printable (printed on regular white printer paper)

Bottom of Valentine printable (printed on white card stock)

Lithium coin cell 2032 battery

Copper tape with conductive adhesive


Button switch


Needlenose pliers

Glue stick

Steps to Make DIY Valentines

Follow the instructions printed on the printable and also included here:

Step 1: Cut out the Valentines

Step 2: Lay down two pieces of copper tape

Step 3: Attach the battery

Step 4: Arrange the LED

Step 5: Place the button switch

Step 6: Test the LED

Step 7: Glue the Valentine together

Step 1: Cut out the DIY Valentines

Print out the front of the Valentines (color sheet) onto regular paper and the back (black and white sheet) onto card stock. 

Cut along the lines to divide each 8.5”x11” sheet into four Valentines.

Instructions for making a simple LED circuit that goes inside light up DIY Valentines

Poke a hold in the bear’s nose on the front of the card

Step 2: Lay down two pieces of copper tape

Measure and cut out a piece of copper tape that is the same length as the gray rectangle on the left side of the printable. Remove the backing and affix the tape to the rectangle (with the sticky side down).

The copper tape on the right should extend half way underneath where the coin battery will be placed. Affix it in the same way as you attached the piece of copper tape on the left.

Copper tape in proper places on inside of DIY Valentines

Step 3: Attach the battery

Make a loop of conductive tape with the adhesive side out.

Place this loop on the conductive tape you laid down on the right as part of step 2.

Placing loop of copper tape

Place the battery on this loop of tape with the “+” side down.

Battery in place

Step 4: Arrange the LED

Place the LED on the bear’s nose with the longer leg on the left.

Bend the contacts as shown in the instructions using needle nose pliers. This is to improve the contact between the LED and the copper tape.

LED with bent contacts touching battery and copper tape

Bend the LED bulb so the top points toward you.

(Make sure the right leg of the LED only touches the top of the battery; if it touches the side of the battery at the same time it can short out and drain the battery.)

Step 5: Place the button switch

Bend the button switch contacts as shown on the printable.

The battery should be resting on the copper tape and *not* on the button switch contact.

Button switch in place

Step 6: Test the LED

Press the switch while holding down the LED and button switch contacts against the copper tape to complete the circuit.

If the LED doesn’t light up, flip the LED over and try again. (If it still doesn’t work, try replacing the LED, battery, and switch one at a time).

After confirming that the circuit works, add copper tape on top of the existing copper tape to secure the contacts of the switch and the leftmside LED contact.

Tape the right side LED contact to the top of the battery as shown on the printable.

Complete circuit on light up DIY Valentines

Step 7: Glue the Valentine together

Apply glue using a glue stick around the circuitry on the back of the Valentine. 

Press the front of the Valentine to the back with the LED sticking through the bear’s nose.

Trim the edges of the card and don’t forget to fill in the names on the front!

Front of DIY Valentines

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