Educational YouTube Channels that Inspire Creativity

Here are the best educational YouTube channels we could find that inspire kids to create.

Are you looking for online activities to help keep your kids occupied? Do you worry that too much screen time will turn your kids’ brains to mush?!

The good news is that, in moderation, some YouTube channels actually help get the creative juices flowing!

These are the best channels we found to get kids (and adults!) excited about tinkering, writing, drawing, and crafting.

Any activities in these videos must be undertaken with a suitable adult completing their own risk assessment and supervising their children at all times. Some are dangerous, purely inspirational, and should not be attempted at all!

The List: 20 Educational YouTube Channels that Inspire Kids to Create

Engineering: Big and small projects with electronics, cardboard, wood, metal, and 3D printers

Geek Pack Hack

The Backyard Scientist

Mark Rober

Mini Gear


How to Make Everything

I Like To Make Stuff

The King of Random

The Q

Laura Kampf

Make Anything

d’Art of Science


Ellen Brock: Novel Writing Advice

Terrible Writing Advice

Art and Crafts

Art for Kids Hub

The Artful Parent

Red Ted Art

Science Demonstrations

LAB 360

The Spangler Effect

STEAM Activities: Science, technology, engineering, art, and math with kids

Babble Dabble Do

What Do We Do All Day?

Help us grow this list! Do you know of other educational YouTube channels that inspire kids to create?

Did some of these channels inspire your kiddos (or you)?

Please leave us a comment to share your stories and your recommendations!

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