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50 Technology Projects for Kids

The “T” in STEM (or STEAM): Technology

These 50 technology projects for kids support “STEM” education. STEM is an abbreviation for “science, technology, engineering, and math.”

These activities must be undertaken with a suitable adult completing their own risk assessment and supervising their children at all times.

STEM education helps prepare students for jobs that are becoming more and more technical.

Sometimes it’s also called “STEAM”, with an “a” included for “art.”

While there has been a lot of emphasis on teaching kids science and math, we have paid less attention to engineering, and the least to technology education.

But that’s now changing.

Technology education standards and programs are being updated across the U.S. Maker education has exploded across the country. You can find makerspaces popping up in schools and libraries everywhere.

What is Technology Education?

While you may think first of computers, technology education covers much more than that.

Technology can be defined as the tools, materials, and processes people use to solve problems.

It used to be known as “industrial arts.” Now “technology education” focuses on different kinds of problem-solving. It includes sub-fields such as design, electronics, transportation, structural engineering, materials science, agriculture, energy, and environmental quality.

This  list of technology projects for kids is divided into sub-fields. They make great activities for your elementary or middle school classroom, homeschool, or makerspace.

If you would like to recommend a technology project for kids to include on this list, please leave us a comment! If you tried out any of these projects, we’d love to read your feedback in the comments as well.

The List: 50 Technology Projects for Kids

Design process

Sprinkler Engineering Design Process for Kids – From Engineer to Stay at Home Mom

Introductory Engineering Design Challenges – Momgineer

Electronic circuits

Wire Up an Electric Circuit – Geek Pack Hack

Electromagnet Doorbell – Geek Pack Hack

Make a Circuit Game on a Breadboard – Geek Pack Hack

Learn to Use a Voltmeter – Geek Pack Hack

Amplified Crystal Radio – Geek Pack Hack

How to Make a Speaker – Geek Pack Hack

Paper Circuit Cards – Science Kiddo

Lemon Battery – STEAM Powered Family

Make an Electromagnet – We Know Stuff

Electromagnet Train – Frugal Fun for Boys and Girls

Tiny Dancers (Homopolar Motors) – Babble Dabble Do

Squishy Circuits – STEAMsational

Circuit Bugs – STEAM Powered Family

LED Throwies – Buggy and Buddy

Steady Hand Game – 123 Homeschool 4 Me

Salty Circuits – Babble Dabble Do

Simple Electric Motor –

Transportation and Navigation

Baking Soda Rockets – We Know Stuff

STEM Paper Airplane Challenge – Kids Activities Blog

Build a Wind Car Engineering Challenge – The Homeschool Scientist

Paddle Boat – Rookie Parenting Science

Rubber Band Car – Crafts by Amanda

Lego Balloon Car – Little Bins for Little Hands

Chemical Reaction Car – Cub Scout Ideas

How to Make a Compass – Gift of Curiosity

Make a Hovercraft – Science Sparks

Simple Machines and Structural Engineering

Hydraulic Machine – Instructables

Simple Machines for Kids: Lego Pulleys STEM Building Challenge – Frugal Fun for Boys and Girls

How to Build a DaVinci Bridge with Pencils – iGameMom

How to Build the Eiffel Tower – KC Edventures

Critical Thinking with a Catapult – Sylvan Learning

Roller Coaster Challenge – Vivify


11 Photography Projects Kids Can Do – Kids Activities Blog

Easy Stop Motion Animation for Beginners – TinkerLab

Materials Science

Does Water Conduct Electricity? – Rookie Parenting Science

Making Mixtures: How Do Colloids Size Up? – Science Buddies

Is it Conductive or Not? – Teach Beside Me


Hydroponics Made Easy – Science Buddies

Worm Bin in a Bucket – Playdough to Plato

Sustainable Energy and the Environment

Solar Powered Lego Car – Teach Beside Me

Renewable Energy Project for Kids: Power from Water –

Energy From Garbage: How to Make Biogas –

Hands-On Oil Spill Clean-Up Experiment for Kids – Kitchen Counter Chronicles

Bots and Coding

Bristlebots – Evil Mad Scientist

Drawing “Wigglebot” – Research Parent

Boogie Bot – Babble Dabble Do

Clap On Lamp – SparkFun Electronics

Arduino for Beginners – Geek Pack Hack

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